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Index > @ the Pickup Bed (General Topics) > Thread: carb tuning?'s
Thread: carb tuning?\'s

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posted July 15, 2003 01:58 AM

carb tuning?'s

Hello all,Another question from the newbie.I will be getting my 74 REPU probably this week.The owner and my friend who looked at it says it needs carb tuning to run right but it has a brand new rebulit engine in it.I have asked about using my RX-7 carb on it and come up with the answer that I can use it but it probably won't work well.I guess my question is how hard are these carbs to tune and are rebuild kits available?Am I best to leave the carb on the engine to rebulid,or remove it?I have pretty much rebuilt my entire RX-7 but left the carb stuff to Paul Yaw(built the carb)and a friend who did most of the fine tuning on it.My friend has since moved down south and can't really help too much over the phone.I'm pretty sure I can handle this but may need help.I just won a bid for a factory shop manual on e-bay so that should help but I need some real world advice from you guys.Thanks

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posted July 15, 2003 10:35 AM

remove carb to rebuild

shop manual for rx7 has great instructions on how to rebuild carb. step by step. it's not all that difficult. repu carb will be easier since it do3ezn't have much smog stuff on it.

use the repu carb. it's bigger and bolts up to the manifold. rx7 carb is smaller and youd need to drill and tap carb studs to fit it to mani.

Kragen sells the carb rebuild kits for cheap. special order but thats to be expected for a rare 30 year old truck!
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posted July 15, 2003 10:46 AM

If you've never rebuilt a carb...

...fear not! It's not that tough. Just all about being careful and meticulous... No such thing as fully going thru a carb that's still on the manifold; you're gonna have to pull it. Rebuild kits are still out there--see my reponse on your other thread if one is not to be found locally. It's just a question of what they do/don't provide in a given kit... they're generally the same for '74 REPU/ '74 rx-4. What you definitely won't get in the kit is a new diaphragm for your vacuum secondaries. Yep, it's a reality that even if you found one, it'd be stiff with age...
If your carb hasn't been screwed up by a previous tinkerer, a careful, thorough cleaning, replacing the parts provided in the kit, and checking/adjusting to spec. should go a long way... Lotsa folks swear by carb 'dip'...your other option is a spray can cleaner...I prefer Berryman B-12 chemtool --it's so strong, it actually dissolves asphalt! Remember to wear eye protection... The proper kit will include a blowup pic and some basic adjustment specs...
Remember, never use anything to 'ream out' your jets--just spray thru. Also, soon as you pull your float, shake it to check for leakage into it... also make sure it moves freely, after adjustment, prior to reassembly...
As important as a careful cleaning/rebuild of your carb, is proper fuel pressure/delivery. Make sure your tank, pickup tube, and fuel filter are clean... and your fuel pump is functioning at the proper pressure. Also, make absolutely certain there are zero vacuum leaks on your intake! Many stock fittings simply need to be blocked off securely...
You might also want to make doubly sure your ignition system is functioning 100% prior to tearing into your carb/fuel system... always good to know what isn't a factor. Best of luck!

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