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Thread: carb rebuild kits

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posted July 19, 2003 10:59 AM

carb rebuild kits

Hello all, I am finally a happy REPU owner! What a great feeling when the trucker pulled up and dropped of the the lean green machine.Well now I have some serious questions about where to get carb rebuild kit's,and is it really that easy to rebuild these carbs?I removed the carb as soon as i got it in the garage because it just won't start for me.The previous owner said he could start it with starting fluid but I can't seem to get it to catch.The fuel pump is pumping and the motor does sputter but won't start.The fuel pump may not be up to snuff.Is the pump similar or the same as a RX-7 pump?A previous reply to a post I made suggested Kragen as a good source of carb rebuild kits but there are no Kragens up here in the north east and no web site i could find for them.I have found a kit that is a special order from a local Autozone chain.Would that be ok?Should I get new floats?Sorry for all the questions.

1983 RX-7 LE
1974 REPU green
1992 dodge ram turbo diesel
74 green REPU w/factory air
Early production 79 Spark yellow RX-7 GS

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posted July 19, 2003 05:43 PM
Edited By: klaus42 on 19 Jul 2003 17:45


...tend to stock a lot of el-cheapo parts...or at least they used to, back when I did a stint at one. I'd just make sure of what I was getting, and where it was made... might not be such a big deal w./ a carb kit...
Floats: only if damaged/leaking. I'd check the entire fuel path for crap, from tank thru pickup tube, etc... Then, when you know it's clean& clear, and your pump is putting our adequately, and your carb is clean and adjusted to spec,--with functioning inlet valve, etc.-- and there are NO vacuum leaks anywhere, and your ignition is strong and dialed in, and you've got fresh gas, and it STILL won't start--don't despair.
Take out spark plugs and clean 'em--they'll be fuel-fouled by now-- a squirt of B-12 works fine...
Put 'em back in, and get either a push, or a careful tow to 25 mph, turn on the key, and pop the clutch in 2nd gear, giving it some choke if needed... it should fire up.
When everything is 'right' and it still won't start, that tends to do the trick. It may just be loaded up...
Oh yeah--pump similar to rx-4. And starting fluid can destroy apex seals! Beware! Good luck. :)

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