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Index > Engine/Drivetrain > Thread: front wheel hub reassembly
Thread: front wheel hub reassembly

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posted September 22, 2002 11:35 AM

front wheel hub reassembly

Last night I finished replacing the wheel studs in the front drivers side. My only problem is that I have mis-placed my Chiltons manual and I am unsure of how tight to get the main hub nut that holds everything together. Right now I just tightened it down as much as I could with my fingers then backed it off until everything felt like it was moving smoothly and there was no slop in the wheel. Can somebody describe the correct procedure for tightening this nut?

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posted September 22, 2002 04:06 PM

as i recall from changing my front discs last winter, you're supposed to tighten it down to make sure all the bearings are positioned correctly, then back it off until it has a certain amount of rotational resistance on a spring scale. 1.5 lbs sticks in my mind, but i'll have to check to be sure.
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posted September 22, 2002 05:36 PM

You can get really technical if you want, but you will find that if you tighten it till it won't spin freely then back it of to the first place you can insert the pin thru the castle nut head and thru the spindal it will be fine.

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