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Index > @ the Pickup Bed (General Topics) > Thread: How many REPUs made total?
Thread: How many REPUs made total?

1st Gear
Posts: 22
posted January 25, 2005 01:40 AM

How many REPUs made total?


Does anyone got the total number of repus made/sold?

What are the first VINs and how can I determine were mine is in the lineup?

Was there only one model made?

How about the A/C system? Was it fitted afterwards, or did some trucks come with it? Mine has the interior AC equippment, but is missing the compressor and lines in the engine bay.

My REPU also has a RB header, and a straight exhaust. I am going to put a 48 IDA on it. How much HP do you think it will make (fresh motor, no porting).

Thanks for your reply.


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Posts: 1671
posted January 25, 2005 09:09 AM

There was a thread on this awhile ago. Memory serving me, ~15,000 made total. Search for the old thread, I do believe it has VIN #'s per year. 77 had a very rare extended cab version that you almost never see anymore. I think A/C was a dealer installed or port installed option. I bet a 1st gen rx7 compressor can be made to work; any good A/C shop can fab lines.

Noticeably more.
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Posts: 134
posted February 23, 2005 07:43 PM

Register your REPU

I created a database table at


Members have asked on and off about how many there are left, where is my VIN in the lineup etc. So I put up a quick table where YOU, yes you can fill in some quick information about your REPU. The list will sort by year (and VIN number I hope) and I think we can find a way to export all those Estimated Values and find out what the total sum worth of the remaining REPUs is worldwide... Golly, do you think its over one million dollars?

Disclaimer. In case you think putting your VIN # on a website is a bad idea, as if REPUS are on the 10 most wanted stolen vehicle list, then lemmeno and I'll delete the table right away!

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