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Index > Body Exterior > Thread: Side Window Weather Stripping
Thread: Side Window Weather Stripping

Posts: 444
posted January 14, 2003 05:20 PM

Side Window Weather Stripping

A major source of noise in my REPU is the passenger side window ratteling against what's left of the OEM felt.

Do any of you know a good source for OEM or aftermarket weather stripping?
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Posts: 1672
posted January 14, 2003 06:03 PM

door seals wanted too

Ditto here.

Plus I can use new rubber door seals. 84 B2000 door seals fit but are too thick. They're two layer and you gotta cut the outer layer off. Too much work, I'd rather have a factory door seal or buy some from JCWhitney and put it in myself.

Anyone knowing where to get factory REPU door seals let us know please!

74 REPU Lawn Green
81 Rx-7 racecar. 12a J-

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Posts: 407
posted January 14, 2003 08:26 PM

And also....

Fresh air intake gaskets for the fresh air doors. You know, the thick 3-d contoured ones. Mine were cracked and oxidized to the point they were falling apart. I ended up making a mold and casting my own out of polysulfide rubber. They fit and look great.

I wonder if we could send a profile to a foam extrusion company who makes these things and get a group buy, because everybody needs new "soft" ware for their trucks, unless someone has a newer "nineties" series rotary truck? Nah!!!

Boy, What I would do for a decent valance to cast a mold.....

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Posts: 1259
posted January 14, 2003 11:03 PM
Edited By: klaus42 on 14 Jan 2003 23:08

There WAS mention of a valance project...

...but who knows what ever became of it? The 'guru said he had a pristine one on his wall just for 'glass repro's... we'd been talking about how we all wanted to go in on a group buy of fiberglass ones... what ever became of that? I never got my NOS lower valance/air intake panel combo for Christmas like I asked Santa for! Damn lumpa coal...
P.S.--Ask/look for Mazda part # 0603 58 280A ...there's the felt. Merry (belated) X-mas, I hope!

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Orlando, Florida
Posts: 424
posted January 15, 2003 01:28 AM

Try ...

Steele Rubber Products.

They seem more oriented towards the crank & chrome crowd but they specialise in classics so maybe they can help.

Couldn't hurt for someone to open a dialogue with them in any event.

Orlando, Florida


'77 REPU (Some assembly required :)
'91 Cabrio (Battered and bruised, but she's still my baby.)

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Posts: 232
posted February 08, 2003 03:14 PM

side window weatherstripping

I just happen to have a few sets of side glass scapers and
glass run channels. check out my inventory of NOS parts at
parts wanted front grille emblem.
74 restorepu

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Posts: 407
posted February 08, 2003 06:22 PM

Door Weatherstrips....

I got some factory doorstrips for my 77's from the dealer in Kirkand, WA. They said that a dealer in Sacremento had something like 17 or so of them. They only had the 76/77's and said the 74/75's were a different part number and were out. They were not cheap though, something like $80.00 ea., but boy do they look good and clean.

Part numbers (for 76/77's)were 3874-59-901A (L) and 3874-58-901A (R).

And for what it's worth, Part numbers for the 74/75's are 0603-58-901B (R) and 0603-59-901B (L).

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